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* 9×15 font for Mac OS X

Posted on March 23rd, 2009 by ccheever. Filed under Fixed Width, Fonts, Mac OS X.

My favorite font for doing programming and other fixed-width things has been 9×15 from X11 for a long time. It’s readable and clean and a good size. I’ve been using HyperFont and Monaco since I got a Mac a few years ago, but they just aren’t quite as good.

So, today I spent some time converting a BDF version of 9×15 to a dfont version using FontForge.

It looks like this:

I’m sure that someone else has done the work to make a Mac version of this font before, but since I couldn’t find anything while searching, I’m posting my conversion on this blog.

You can get it here.×15.dfont

Open the file with Font Book and hit “Install Font.” Even though the file is named 9×15.dfont, the font will show up in menus and dialogs as Fixed Medium. It only looks good when you size it at 15pt.

(9×15 is really similar, or maybe even exactly the same as a font called vt100 that was distributed with Mac OS 9 I think, but I couldn’t find any versions of that for OS X either.)