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Posted on March 23rd, 2009 by ccheever. Filed under Fixed Width, Fonts, Mac OS X.

My favorite font for doing programming and other fixed-width things has been 9×15 from X11 for a long time. It’s readable and clean and a good size. I’ve been using HyperFont and Monaco since I got a Mac a few years ago, but they just aren’t quite as good.

So, today I spent some time converting a BDF version of 9×15 to a dfont version using FontForge.

It looks like this:

I’m sure that someone else has done the work to make a Mac version of this font before, but since I couldn’t find anything while searching, I’m posting my conversion on this blog.

You can get it here.


Open the file with Font Book and hit “Install Font.” Even though the file is named 9×15.dfont, the font will show up in menus and dialogs as Fixed Medium. It only looks good when you size it at 15pt.

(9×15 is really similar, or maybe even exactly the same as a font called vt100 that was distributed with Mac OS 9 I think, but I couldn’t find any versions of that for OS X either.)

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